About Us

Honey Bee Research Institute and Nature Center (BRINC), is a non-profit organization operating to perform scientific research on pollinating insects for the public interest.

Our large scale insect wind tunnel provides a rapid and non-destructive way to monitor overall improvements or reductions to the vitality and effectiveness of large populations of pollinators. These methods can be used to know better what combination of diets, exposures, or chemical treatments are most desirable and cost effective.

As a result BRINC has developed Beejuvenate, a non-invasive honey bee photodynamic therapy making these pollinators more healthy. A passive solar-energy version is expected to provide farmers the estimated crop leverage needed to meet the predicted doubling of global demand for food by 2050. We also implement a business model coventuring with ecological entrepreneurs who contribute by making Beejuvenate photodynamic bee hives. Refitting millions of beehives with either the passive solar or the electric hive Beejuvenate products enables humanitarian and species survival by increasing crop yield and local biodiversity while increasing economic profits for families and farms.

In the future, we hope to see the widespread use of Beejuvenate through our sponsorship program. We will also continue our exhaustive research efforts to help other pollinators' health using our technology and knowledge.