Beejuvenate Results

After activating Beejuvenate therapy to honey bees at BRINC, we observed foragers flying with outside temperatures at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius).  Honey bees rarely exit the hive when temperature are below 52 degrees Fahrenheit (11 degrees Celsius).

The average lifespan for a honey bee is 26 days.  Unfortunately, Varroa mites reduce the lifetime of bees to 13 days - a 50% reduction.  With Beejuvenate BRINC observed honey bee lifetime increased to 40 days - a 158% increase!  Some honey bees lived 54 days - an astonishing 208% increase!  BRINC is currently Beejuvenating varroa mite infested bee hives, and we are expecting a 415% or 4 fold increase in bee lifetime.  Stay tuned  - BRINC will keep you updated on the last experiment!

Healthier bees = longer life = increased honey yields = more profit!

But most importantly the bees - the special servants to humanity can be saved!  Let's do our part and save these wonderful sentient beings!  We now have the technology to save our friends.  It's up to us to implement Beejuvenate!  

Please realize climate or other environmental factors may alter your results.  This is why BRINC is very interested in your results.  Please tell us about your results and how you used Beejuvenate!