Honey Bee Research Institute and Nature Center (BRINC) is a non-profit organization committed to scientific agricultural research in the area of pollinating insects, and actively teaches business activities to support beekeeping.

We give invited talks on the emerging use of photodynamic light therapy to treat various diseases, including those carried by varroa mite parasites that often infest honey bees.  We also create opportunities to partner Honey Bee Research Institute with independent contractors who will like to produce their own light therapy devices through a unique and mutually profitable 501(c)(3) sponsorship opportunity.  With this outreach program, BRINC is teaching a new form of business partnership called ecological entrepreneurship.  This model creates biodiversity that impacts society and improves the human condition.

One effect of photodynamic light therapy is to safely degrade many types of pesticides or environmental chemicals that may be carried by foraging honey bees.  The result is more than double the lifetime for an average forager honey bee using cost effective technology to enhance the way beekeeping can be done.  BRINC's photodynamic light therapy called Beejuvenate is shown below.  Go ahead and click on other web sections about BRINC and Beejuvenate!

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