Obtaining Beejuvenate Technology

Passive Solar Beejuvenate

Bottom Board Beejuvenate (120VAC Wall Plug)

Obtaining your Beejuvenate:
  • The highest donors get their product first until funds run out.
  • Lowest donors must assume that they may be donating to public service with no return unless a larger donor fills the gap.
  • The smallest gaps gets filled first, so that the most people can be served.
  • The available excess funds decide how many others who donated will get products made and shipped to the rest of the donors.
  • With this donation process, BRINC just act as a gateway to enable beekeepers to obtain this technology.
  • There is no minimum donation, but present expenses indicate $100 per passive solar hive or electric bottom board.
  • We go down the list from maximum to minimum until Beejuvenate funds run out on October 31 of the present year.
  • The waiting and shipment list gets wiped and we start over on November 1 of the present year.
  • After clicking the donate button, please specify in "Add special instructions to the seller" field if this donation is to obtain Beejuvenate technology (specify Passive Solar or 120VAC) or if the donation is for BRINC's operational expenses. (See the green ellipse in the picture below for location to specify this information).
  • Full shipment contact information is required if Beejuvenate technology is preferred with donation.