Sponsorship & Coventure Opportunity for You

In partnership with BRINC your opportunity to become a successful ecological entrepreneur starts here.  This is how it works:

BRINC provides the education to you regarding startup.  You purchase Beejuvenate from BRINC (bulk discount rates available).  You configure and build your own beehive component(s).  You incorporate Beejuvenate into your beehive component(s) and sell to the beekeeping arena.

The market potential is enormous.  BRINC cannot do this alone.  The world (and bees) needs millions of Beejuvenate therapies incorporated into existing and new hives.  Together we can make a difference!

A small portion of your commissioned sale is the license fee for Beejuvenate and its method.

Another small portion is your agreed contribution to BRINC, as part of your commitment to improving our world.

BRINC is non-profit organization that is working in your public interest and the contributed portions of each sale may be deducted from your yearly taxable income.

The paperwork you will need:

  1. NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) - download links below.
  2. Sponsorship Agreement
The sponsorship agreement explains how your licensed Beejuvenate product is sold through us at your price.  It also provides you a business plan and access to purchase approved parts in bulk. Then too, it outlines how part of your sale funds new bee technology – for you to use!

Sign and date the NDA.  Get the sponsorship agreement notarized.

Scan a copy (preferably as a PDF file), and e-mail to:


with ‘SPONSORSHIP FORMS’ in the subject line.

Then, don’t forget to mail the original forms by postal service to: 


16543, 22nd Street, PMB 100

Sunset Beach, CA 90742

When the originals arrive, we will get the current business plan out to you with our recommended budget and list of startup materials and bulk discount rates.

Do what you want to be doing – making money while healing an important part of what has become broken in our ecology.  Do it without chemicals.  Do it because you care about our environment and most importantly about the bees!

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